Why miss out on a seminar, training course or workshop because of the cost of going there, or because you don’t like flying, or don’t own a car?   You might not be comfortable in crowds of have a dislike for open spaces and that's stopping you from attending the function you’re really interested in.  You might have a disability and find it difficult or too tiring to travel.


Anything that is preventing you from to getting to a different location, can be overcome if the event is held in the Virtual Academy.  All types of Social engagement, business to business and health and well-being events can be structured for delivery within the virtual environment, helping to keep people in touch in an engaging and meaningful way.


All at a fraction of the cost of actually being there.

“We took our annual graduate conference—an event that had always occurred in the real world—and found we could run the entire thing and achieve better outcomes without having to physically meet one another.”

Joe Little, Chief Technology Office, BP

  • No special skills  or aptitude required

  • Ready to participate in 15 mins

  • Powerful and flexible security 


  • Reduce the need for travel to meetings and conferences

  • Work from home without being isolated from colleagues

  • Reduce the cost of training without a loss of quality

  • Make your events and exhibitions available to a worldwide audience

  • Easier to participate and interact than with other online conferencing tools

  • More engaging than typical classroom training

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