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Virtual Academy

Here are some ways in which the Visit Virtual Academy can be used.  We would like to hear from you if you are interested in delivering any of these in partnership with us, or if you have another idea that we can consider.


Studies show that people needing therapy are 3 times more likely to complete a virtual treatment programme rather than a face to face programme.  Participants tend to be more open and ready to talk than they are in face to face sessions. The use of expressions helps them to express how they are feeling without their face having to be seen.


Environments and situations that would normally induce anxiety can be simulated and introduce to clients in a gentle way in order to help them confront their fears.



An exhibition in the Virtual Academy can be a similar experience to visiting an exhibition in the real world.  Wander from stand to stand, perhaps with a colleague, and look at what is on offer.  Speak with the expert and perhaps attend a workshop or two.


Many people do not go to exhibitions because of the time it would take.  With this approach you reach people all around the world. 


There are very effective online language courses but they don't suit everyone.  Many people prefer to learn from a tutor and with other students, but the local availability, time or cost of these can be prohibitive.  Also, those that enjoy learning online say that the downside is that they don't get enough opportunity to try out or use their new skills.


The visual aspects of a virtual environment make it a really engaging way to run remote language training courses.  People can attend from all around the world.


Imagine being able to join tours led by art experts and artists explaining their work.  Ask them questions and discuss the merits of a particular work.  Compare the style of one artist with another.


If you are an artist yourself, how about having your painting on a wall in the virtual gallery and a bot representing you explaining the background or a bit about you.  Perhaps have the original work or prints for sale.


There are many potential applications for music and other arts in the virtual environment. Here is are a couple of examples Virtual Academy music workshops.


Musicians bring along their showcase materials (recordings, videos, etc.) for an expert panel to review and provide advice on how to move forward.  Attendees share the challenges that they face and learn from the experts and other attendees.

A 'Home Recording' course focuses on the equipment and skills needed to produce recordings on a limited budget.  It includes advice about setting up a recording room, what equipment to buy and how to use it.  Attendees bring along their own recordings to get advice on how to improve them.

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